How to care for house floors

13 October, 2017

You can keep your home clean by taking care. The better care you take, the longer your home will last. Floors, paints, furniture are all such things whose life can be varied according to their usage. Everything cannot be left upon a hired batmaid or cleaning lady. You are the owner of your home and after all, you have a duty to take some precautions in order to elongate the life of your house. Let’s talk about some tips to save your house floors.

Keep it clean

The simplest way to keep something clean is by preventing it from getting dirty. Now that may sound absurd because isn’t it obvious? Well, what we mean is, clean regularly. Wipe the floor or mop it regularly. The lesser dirty it is, the lesser time you’ll need to clean it. Similarly, prevent it from catching stains or dust. Keep dirty shoes off of your floor. Use clean slippers for wearing inside homes. Your dirty shoes will bring in dirt, pebbles, mud along with bad odors. Keep the extra dust away and wipe whatever little is there on a regular basis. Also get rid of spills immediately to reduce risk of stained floors. This will eventually minimize your work in the long run when your thorough deep house cleaning won’t require a lot of effort.

Wet versus dry mopping

Floors, no matter what type, are prone to damage. It is highly likely that too much moisture will ruin your floors. To prevent this, stay away from washing floors, or cleaning with only wet mops. If you hire a professional cleaning service, you’ll notice them take this precautionary measure too. Our recommendation is to use a wet mop but then clean it with a dry mop instead of letting it air dry. Stone floors can develop fungus from too much stagnant water. Laminated floor could get leaks from the joints.

Chemical based cleaners

As for chemicals, they harm everything including your surroundings and floors. Just as floors are prone to damage from moisture, they can be easily harmed by chemicals too. Some floors can bear mild acids like vinegar or lemon juice. However, the industry chemicals used in most cleaners you get from the market are extremely harmful. Stay pH neutral with the choice of cleaners. Make sure to clean the cleaner off the floor by rinsing it, or by wiping it clean. Especially in case of woods, whether sealed or unsealed, you must take special care or the shine of the floor can be easily lost. For linoleum floors, you’ll need special cleaners designed specifically for this floor type.

These simple steps are very basic. However, they can effect your floors a great lot. You can elongate your floor’s life, keep them going in much better condition for longer than expected, and save yourself the money you’d spend on hiring a cleaning service to get rid of floor stains just by following these tips.

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