Awesome Ways to Get Rid of House Odours

17 October, 2017

House odours can be caused due to the perfumes residents use, pets, cooked food, and many other things. No matter how much you clean your house and how neatly you place everything, there will be still certain smells at your home. These smells are unavoidable. While some are pleasant, others can be foul. But it is not impossible to get rid of them.

The following are some of the things that cause really bad smells and seem to hang around forever. We are going share some awesome tips to get rid of these house odours in no time.

1. Stinky trash

Stinky trash causes such bad smell that one cannot bear. The smell can be removed by washing the trash cans with hot soapy water. It will not only remove the smell but will also clear the debris. Fabric softener sheets also prove to be useful in absorbing the smells. You can spread the fabric softener sheets at the bottom of your kitchen trash can.

2. Burnt Food

You can sprinkle some salt on the burnt food. It will help to eliminate the smell and it will help to clean up the dished afterwards as well.

3. A smelly Microwave

Well, if you have burnt popcorns in the microwave, the smell seems to hang around forever. Even if it goes away with time, you can speed up the process using the following method.

Take a microwave-safe bowl and fill it with 1.5 cups of water with 3 to 4 chopped lemons and fragrant spice like cloves. Boil it in the microwave and leave it to steam inside for about 15 minutes. Leave the microwave door open to let the air out of the microwave.

4. A Pungent Kitchen

When you are cooking something that has a strong smell like fish, you can place a bowl of vinegar near the stove. This will absorb the odours.

5. Fridge Odours

To remove smells from the fridge, you can place baking soda in a plastic margarine tub and poke some holes in the lid. Change the tub as often as needed. To clean the walls of the fridge, you can wipe them with a clean cloth dampened with white vinegar. It will remove all sorts of smells from the fridge and will give it a fresh feel.

6. The Toilet

To remove smells in the toilet, you can pour a cup of vinegar into the toilet; let it stand for five minutes. Flush and scrub rapidly.

7. Not-so-fresh bathroom air

If the bathroom air does not feel so fresh, you can place a small bowl on the shelf containing cotton balls dabbed in essential oils. This will absorb the fouls smells in the bathroom and will make the air fresh.

These are some of the techniques that our professional cleaners at will also recommend you to remove odours and smells from your home.

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