Gift a Service

21 October, 2017

Gift a Home Cleaning Service in Toronto

A meaningful gift is always the best one. You could spend hundreds of dollars but the gift could be useless to the receiver. This makes gift buying a rather difficult task. We have a great recommendation of a gift idea that will be extremely useful for a lot of people.

While your mum, wife, aunt and sister love flowers and pamper items as gifts, what they will love even more is some relaxing time. If these people are doing housekeeping along with their other everyday activities, there’s a high chance they don’t get to spend some alone relaxed time. Even if they do, it’s very little. This occasion, whether it’s a birthday, mother’s day or valentine’s day, hire a cleaning service as a gift for them.

How it’ll be special

Now, this gift will have two major benefits. Firstly, they’ll get a house cleaning. You can book batmaid services in Toronto. The deep house clean will leave a fresh environment so when your loved one comes back home, they’ll be greeted with a home that looks and feels new. Secondly, the time they would actually have to spend on cleaning will now be free. That time can be spent doing more fun activities with you. Home cleaners will do the month worth’s job in a much shorter time. All this while, you can see your loved one enjoy free evenings. You can even do extra special things like book a pamper session at a spa during that free time.

Activity ideas

If you plan on doing something extra special, you can utilize the time that the professional cleaning service will be taking back at home. Meanwhile, you can go out with your loved one. One amazing thing you can do is to watch TV. That is simple and you may think it’s a stupid idea. But think deeper. The best gift isn’t one with the most expensive price tag, it’s one that leaves the best memories. A relaxed TV time, catching up on cozy TV shows with no worries whatsoever will be a wish fulfillment for this housekeeping freak. If TV seems way too simple, you can plan a day out. Book a salon session for a makeover. Or you can go out for movies or a casual lunch. Have deep chats over coffee to catch up on each other’s life events. Although it seems easy but these little things will mean the most at the end of the day.

If the person has special interests like yoga or cooking, you can opt for those specific categories. Let them dance off their worries while the cleaning lady wipes off their home from any dust.

Instead of focusing on the price tag, go for something that will matter at the end. Book a cleaning service as a gift and we guarantee you, it will be the gift standing out on that occasion and for future ones too. It is unique as well as special.

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