A Short Commentary on a Dust Free House

01 November, 2017

Even if you daily clean your house, a little dust still remains in many areas. Many people get affected by it and show their initial reaction by sneezing. The presence of these substances is dangerous for people who are suffering from asthma, are allergic to pollen or have some other breathing disorders. Therefore, it is recommended to vacuum your place and mop your floors properly to ensure a clean air in the house. 

Suggestions for a Dusting Tour at Your Place

There are various sources from where dust can enter into your homes. It remains there if left unwashed. The sunlight brings a considerate amount of dust particles in your kitchen, guest room, drawing room or TV lounge. There are many ways to get rid of dust and this usually requires a thorough approach to house cleaning.

  • First of all, make a list of areas that attract mud. Mud and dust get accumulated in such areas over the period of time. These spots might include the lamps, windows, ceiling fans (contain fumes from furnaces), and various parts of any furniture.
  • Sometimes, when we come home our shoes are muddled with sludge. Due to which, where ever we go, the tiny particle makes their way to various places.
  • Whether it is your daily cleaning routine or a seasonal one, make sure no area goes unnoticed. From windows to doorways, decorative items to curtains, no part of your home should be neglected when it comes to dusting.
  • After finishing the initial wiping, you can head to do the quick dusting of the appliances like computers, keyboards, LEDs, and phones. While doing this, make sure to carefully run the dusting cloth over the book racks and cabinets. Along with that, do not ignore the drawers and baskets of your kitchen.
  • Your front yard might be an active source of dust. A situation like this is a major obstacle for a fresh atmosphere in the house. So, scout your front yard and wash your plants. By doing this, the mud settles down and does not go flying during heavy storms.
  • You should not keep the windows open for longer periods of time as it may become a pathway for the dust to enter your home.
  • For those of you who live in areas where the windy climate remains for long periods of time, you can install tiles or wooden floor. This is indeed more preferable than having carpets.

Get Professional Help!

In order to deep clean all the areas of your house, you can hire a Cleaning Lady to assist you. The benefit of hiring a professional service is that they have expertise in effective clean-up and follow the necessary procedure which you might miss while cleaning.

You might never get a complete dust free house because these tiny particles are hard to eliminate completely. However, this dusting custom will make sure that not only you, but anyone who visits the house is safe from any possible allergies.

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