Simple steps to a cleaner frigde/freezer

23 October, 2017

The truth is, home cleaners are life savers. Cleaning services like batmaid takes control of every aspect of the home cleaning. From floors to appliances to switch boards and what not. Our best suggestion is to hire a cleaning service for the best professional cleaning.

However, sometimes people prefer DIY cleaning too. In case you’ve got a free weekend and want to be productive, cleaning your fridge is a good idea. You’ll get some cleaning done while you have the time to detoxify your brain in terms of stressful thoughts. It can be a stress relieving process for many reasons. Our guide will make the process less tiring and more easy for you to complete the job on your own. Keep in mind these tips come from professional cleaning ladies so they do work perfectly.

Where to start

The first to clear your cleaning space. Remove all items from the fridge and store them carefully somewhere else. Make sure to keep frozen food, meat and other temperature dependent items in coolers. Next, remove the grills that form the racks in the fridge. Get rid of drawers, containers and any other compartments of the inside of the fridge as well as freezer. Just by removing these parts you’ll find there’s a lot of gunk. Let these parts melt off any ice on them while you clean the rest of the fridge. Then you can either wash or wipe these parts before putting them back inside the fridge.

Moving on

The next step in cleaning a fridge is to unplug it. Also pull the fridge forward from the wall or compartment if you have one in your kitchen. This will give you more space to work in. You’re going to start the cleaning from the exterior. Use a cloth to wipe the entire fridge body. Then, use a vacuum to clean the electrical parts on the back side. These parts usually consist of coils and compressor. Dust can collect over these parts, making them heat up faster. Your vacuum will pull away any of this unwanted stuff.

On the inside

Your fridge’s inside will be sort of wet by now. You’ll need a dry cloth or lots of paper towels to dry all the insides. Get into corners using scrapers. But make sure you clean every single inch of the inside body. Do the walls, the ceiling, any fixed racks, etc. Depending on the condition, you may also want to replace the air and water filter. Dump old ice as well. Throw all the crumbs and whatever else you want to get rid of onto the floor. It’ll be way easier to vacuum it all in one go at the end.

The finishing touches

The end few bits are what will add a professional cleaning touch to your fridge. Firstly, you need to re-plug the fridge so it starts cooling again. Push it back into it’s previous spot. Then, start putting in the clean removable parts. After you’re done rearranging the insides, start wiping the containers in which you store food.

That’s about it for cleaning your fridge and freezer. Following these steps, you’ll get a step closer to deep house cleaning.

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