The Best Ways to Keep Baby Toys Clean

27 October, 2017

Babies often familiarize with their environment either by chewing or touching everything around them. In case of toys, you can be pretty sure that they have been chewed on or drooled on at least once. Here we are going to tell you the best and most workable solutions to keep your baby’s toys clean and safe for playing.


You can submerge all the toys made of plastic in a pot of hot water for about 5 minutes. Carefully remove the toys from the pot and allow them to dry. Make sure that the toys do not have any batteries or cells as they can be damaged by water. You can use a toothbrush as well to scrub the small parts on the toy.


For the toys that are made of wood, you can use a lint-free cloth dipped in 50/50 vinegar and water solution. You can use mild soapy water followed by a towel dampened with plain water to remove the residue. For spots with more stuibborn stains, you can rub alcohol on a cotton ball and then wipe with a towel dampened with plain water.


You can conveniently wash all the stuffed toys, tummy time blankets and cloth books in your washing machine. If you want a deeper cleaning, you can pack the toys in a pillow case and spin the toys in the dryer on maximum heat for 15 minutes. This method is not suitable for the toys that have battery packs, make any kind of noise or are made of materials not suitable for washing machine.
Board books and Rubber Toys

You can use a clean cloth dampened with 50 / 50 vinegar water solution to clean board books and rubber toys. Place the books in an upright position, separate the pages and let them dry.

Bath Toys

Yes, you have to clean them as well. It is very easy to clean them as you can soak the toys in 50/ 50 vinegar and hot water solution every week. If you want to clean them more thoroughly, put them in the dishwasher for one round.


Toys that are made of metal such as trains and cars cannot be washed in a dishwasher because the heat of the dishwasher can damage its rubber parts. You can sanitize them in a mixture of bleach and water.

Like other household chores, it is important to set a schedule for cleaning your baby’s toys. The toys that are your baby’s favourite should be cleaned more frequently. You should also clean the toys whenever your baby is recovering from cold or diarrhoea, when other children visit or if the toy has not been played for a while.

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